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Scripting A clear design path for your video
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Edit Add post production polish
Consultation An opportunity to generate ideas
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What is Crosshair Design

Crosshair Design is here to demystify the video making process and bring revenue into your business. I specialise in making videos for businesses that need to inspire trust, converting leads into sales. Not through direct in your face selling but by being genuine, entertaining, and more human. A crucial component of this technique is ensuring that it is relevant to your audience. If you don't know your target audience, then please do not worry because I will ask you a series of questions to find that out during a consultation.

Cost Efficient

I'm a start-up so I understand the hustle and that businesses are trying to streamline costs, so I will endeavour to stay within your budget and still produce a quality final product.

Knowledgeable skillset 

My speciality is story creation (scripting) and video editing. I can also save you money by talking you through basic filming skills so that you can take the footage yourself if you'd like to have a go (or maybe there's a situation where only you can be present). Once you've given me the footage I can turn it into a professional piece. Using my editing skills, I can export the video for use across multiple media platforms (website, social media forums, internal company events etc).

Flexible and Patient

New to filming and scripting? Well don't worry, I have lots of tips that I can pass on to you during our consultation! Naturally you can also hire me to handle every aspect of the project if you prefer. I am the expert but video creation is a collaborative process so your input is very important so please do not be afraid or embarrassed to share your most wild ideas. I will always reply kindly and honestly to your queries, even if it's an absolutely insane idea.

If you have any questions contact me or if you want to learn more about my services head over to the services page. Check out my portfolio to see samples of my work or have a gander at the current videos on display on my featured videos list down below.

Featured Videos

Boyana Weddings

I made this for Boyana's website. My aim was to capture Boyana's soothing fun personality and also communicate quickly and clearly what makes her unique! 

Estate Agent Video

A  stylistic walkthrough of an apartment. I made this with the idea that this apartment would be purchased by a young home owner. 4 days after the video was uploaded the apartment sold!

Product Video Audio Technica Ath-M40x

I created this video to show off a broader range of my skills and as a sample for potential clients who sell products.

PG Plumbing Bathroom Showcase

The idea is that he can show this to his clients in the future to help inspire a purchase or just show off what the finished product could look like. I was told to add a little more class and creative flare to show off the room in a stylish manner rather than simply show it how it is and this video was the result.

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