I offer expertise on video creation, video marketing, graphic design, social media marketing and how to create unique authentic videos that people will want to watch.

Consultation is free so feel free to give me a bell


My creative writing skills will make your businesses videos unique.

It doesn't matter how expensive or beautiful your video is, story is key to actually get people watching.

Content has to be relevant to your business but it also has to be engaging in order to get sales.


My film career started as a smartphone filmmaker. 

As a result I know gear isn't everything so if you're trying to keep things cheap and do the filming yourself then, I'll advise you in a consultation.

I'll give you all the MacGyver advice you need to keep costs low.


I have been editing for the last 6 years.

What I've learn't is that just because filming didn't go well aka a dodgy zoom recording. Doesn't mean that there aren't some amazing content gems in there so feel free to tell me about your dodgy footage in a consultation

Send me an email if you have any questions or just need some help deciding whether video is right for you.

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